Affiliate program RUNETKI

One should never limit yourself from the various options of earnings, which may not seem ethical. Information for adults on the Internet is in great demand, and search engines are constantly handle requests that lead people to porn sites. In this industry, having the necessary knowledge, you can get good money. To date, the niche vebmam adult, project Runetki is the most popular, and therefore attract people to it, so much easier. Brand awareness is always disrupted the conversion.
Affiliate program Runetki - a great option for the Internet. It can use the owners of sites on different subjects. In a blog post about the earnings, you can place such promotional materials that will attract models, and in the block dedicated to women's issues - one that will attract business partners.
The raison d'être of the official Runetki site is frank video broadcast, the girls-participants which (model), offering members of the opposite sex to get away in private, and you must pay for it. This work on the Internet, fit girls who have developed financial difficulties. In addition, the project is designed so that visitors who live in the same city with the model can not see its translation. This fact significantly reduces the complexity of attracting girls.
In addition to the $5, you will receive a bonus for attracting new model, after the opening of the studio, you have the opportunity to receive a certain percentage of their earnings. Also, you will be charged 5% of earnings attracted webmasters you. Provided a large attendance of your site, after consultation with the administration, this percentage can be increased. You can also make a profit from the money spent by users on chat with the model. On your bill will come to 25% earnings, which will receive the website Runetki. Those wishing to enjoy a similar show, chat with the girls on various topics is not small, and therefore, it brings a good profit.


At the invitation of members of each species (or webmasters), you will receive detailed statistics. Even if you have multiple sites, this will not be a problem, and shows detailed statistics, where you came from new member. Statistics are updated every 3 minutes, so you will be able to track the new flow of funds.
is responsive technical support is one of the great advantages of the partner program. If you have any questions or problems, you can easily ask for help, and help you quickly. Payments with Runetok come steadily and without delay. Receive payments can be on Webmoney, Payoneer, Paxum. Produced concluded each week, and the minimum amount is $ 50. If last week you did not collect more than $ 50, they are transferred to the next, and subsequent, while you do not reach the minimum threshold.
Permission is granted to attract traffic from any country. The statistics will be divided, so that you could easily keep track of which of the sites are the most convertible. Try to establish such advertising on its site, and possibly by working on the Internet, so you will increase your income several times.
The most important rule of the organizers of the partner program Runetki - a any spam mail. If you decide to make this project something totally abstain from sending spam as your account may be blocked, without the possibility of withdrawal of funds.